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Sam Poley of the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau tells us what makes the food scene in his North Carolina city unlike anywhere else. We discuss the close-knit chef community, what to do between meals, and the different styles of Carolina barbecue.

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In the 100th episode of the Find Dining podcast, we take a look back at  some of our favorite interviews.   From Ireland to Thailand to Russia,  here's a sampler platter from our first two years.

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Elle Armon Jones of Big Foody Food Tours talks about culinary travel in New Zealand.   We discuss adjusting to opposite seasons,  Pacific Rim cuisine, and how Lord of the Rings put New Zealand on the tourist map.

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Christopher Bakken, author of Honey, Olives, Octopus: Adventures at the Greek Table, and the English Department Chair at Allegheny College about culinary travel in Greece.   We discuss travel writing, harvesting olives, and hunting for octopus.

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