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Chef Jose Duarte of Taranta in Boston talks about the recent food trip he led into the jungle of Peru.  We discuss ceviche, making his restaurant eco-friendly, and getting kids to eat bugs in the Amazon.

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Colleen Franzreb, founder of Cape Cod Foodie Tours, talks to us about the dining scene in Cape Cod.  We discuss building a food tour business, the secret to great fish and chips, and how to avoid the Cape traffic.

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Matthew Amster-Burton, co-host of the Spilled Milk podcast, talks to us about dining in Tokyo, Japan.  We discuss raising children to be adventurous eaters, the origins of his podcast, and the secret to eating tempura.

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Dolores Wiarco Dweck of Lola’s Cocina talks to us about food tourism in Mexico. We discuss her research on cooking schools in Oaxaca,  the importance of mole, and the real meaning of Cinco de Mayo.

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