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Larry Kass from Heaven Hill Distilleries talks to us bourbon its role in tourism for Louisville, Kentucky.   We discuss the difference between bourbon and other whiskies , how to taste bourbon, why the best bourbons are made in Kentucky, and how the bourbon industry was built.

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In the episode of the Find Dining Podcast, we speak with Eric Weiner, founder of Food Trucks In, a company that enables people to discover new food trucks across the United States.

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In this episode of the Find Dining Podcast, three-time James Beard Award-winning author Anya von Bremzen talks about what food was like growing up in Soviet Russia.  We discuss Russian mayonnaise, communal apartments and the black market.

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In this episode of the Find Dining Podcast, Dodie Stephens of the Asheville Conventions and Visitors' Bureau tells us about the culinary scene in Asheville, North Carolina.  We discuss destination marketing, craft brewing and life in the mountains.

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