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In this episode of the Find Dining Podcast, Tatiana Gana of Gastro Tours tells us how to take a culinary vacation in Spain.  We discuss Spain's virgin food tourism scene, extended lunches, and how Italy is taking credit for all of the country's olive oil.

  • Check out Tatiana's tours on the Gastro Tours website
  • Try the specialty foods of Spain, like Iberica ham
  • Newport Storm is a beer from Newport, Rhode Island
  • Ribera del Duero is a large wine region in the middle of Spain
  • When in Spain, eat the suckling lamb
  • Traveling within Spain using public transit in the bigger cities and rental cars within more rural areas
  • Lunch is the primary meal of the day

Food for Thought:

  • Q: What two food products is Spain the biggest producer of in the world?
  • A:  Olive oil and air-dried cured ham.

Out of the Frying Pan:

  • Best Way to Find Great Restaurants: About.com or ask a taxi driver
  • Remember to Pack: An extra t-shirt or two for layers.
  • Favorite Hotel: The Urban Hotel in Madrid
  • Favorite Spanish Wine:  Cune, a tempranillo from the Rioja region
  • Restaurant with the Best View: Parador in Toledo
  • Favorite Spanish Restaurant in New York City: Still looking...
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