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In this episode of the Find Dining Podcast, Rosetta Costantino, author of Southern Italian Desserts, talks about the dishes of her hometown of Calabria, Italy. We discuss the Queen's licorice, the difference between Tuscan dishes and Southern Italian dishes, and the influence of the Swiss and the Arabs.

Food for Thought:

  • Q: What nut was brought to Sicily by the Arabs and is now grown on the slopes of Mount Etna?
  • A: The pistachio.

Out of the Frying Pan Picks:

  • Where you Fly Into: Lamezia Airport
  • Where to Stay in Southern Italy: Porto Pirgos
  • Favorite Chef: Pietro Lecce of La Tavernetta
  • Favorite Time of Year to Visit Calabria: September
  • Favorite Place for Olive Oil: Dattlio
  • Favorite Place for Cheese: Maiorano (try the Crotonese pecorino cheese)
  • Favorite Places to go for Wine: FerrocintoOdoardiStattiLibrandi
  • Southern Italian Dish for Comparison: Pasta al Calabria

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